Oracle : Ошибка ORA-01333

"failed to establish Logminer Dictionary"
*Cause: No previously established Logminer Dictionary is available
and a complete gather of a source system data dictionary was not
found in the logstream. build() may not have been run
to force the gathering of a source system data dictiony.
Or add_log_file() may not have been called to add all log
files which contain the complete gathered system data dictionary.
*Action: If build() was not employed prior to this mining session
the Logminer Ad Hoc user may elect to employ an alternate
dictionary such as the current system catalog or a previously
built flat file dictionary. Other Logminer clients must run
build() prior to mining. If build() has been run, ensure that
all logfiles which comprise the gathered system dictionary
have beed added. The following query, run on the system which
build() was run, can be helpful in identifying the requried files.

select DICTIONARY_BEGIN, DICTIONARY_END, name from v$archived_log;

Minimally a set of files beginning with one which has
DICTIONARY_BEGIN = 'YES' and all following log files through
one marked DICTIONARY_END = 'YES' must be added.

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