Oracle : Ошибка ORA-10390

"Trace parallel query slave execution"
*Action: set this event only under the supervision of Oracle development.
trace level is a bitfield

0x0001 slave-side execution messages
0x0002 coordinator-side execution messages
0x0004 slave context state changes
0x0008 slave rowid range bind variables and xty

0x0010 slave fetched rows as enqueued to TQ
0x0020 coordinator wait reply handling
0x0040 coordinator wait message buffering
0x0080 slave dump timing

0x0100 coordinator dump timing
0x0200 slave dump allocation file numbers
0x0400 terse format for debug dumps
0x0800 Trace CRI random sampling

0x1000 Trace signals
0x2000 Trace PX granule operations
0x4000 Force compilation by slave 0

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