Oracle : Ошибка ORA-10391

"trace PX granule allocation/assignment"
*Action: set this event only under the supervision of Oracle development

0x0001 dump summary of each object scanned in parallel
0x0002 full dump of each object except extent map
0x0004 full dump of each object including extent map

0x0010 dump summary of each granule generators
0x0020 full dump of granule generators except granule instances
0x0040 full dump of granule generators including granule instances

0x0080 dump system info
0x0100 dump reference object for the query
0x0200 gives timing in kxfralo
0x0400 trace affinity module
0x0800 trace granule allocation during query execution

0x1000 trace object flush
0x2000 internal
*Comment: print details of PQ parallel granule allocation

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