Oracle : Ошибка ORA-10872

"Flashback Database fault insertion event #%s."
*Document: NO
*Cause: Causes faults to be inserted into Flashback Database code.
This should only be enabled for internal testing.
*Action: Level 1 - Die after restoring database, before shrinking
Level 2 - Die after rstoring database and after shrinking
Level 3 - Die after restoring control file.
Level 4 - Die after set cf checkpoint during an undo of a cf change
Level 5 - Die after restoring cf, before setting cf checkpoint
Level 6 - Force a block checksum error on a flashback log block
Level 7 - Force a file creation error during fb recovery
Level 8 - Force an error after fb recovery file recreation
Level 9 - Force and error during open resetlogs (after flashback)

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