Oracle : Ошибка ORA-14120

"incompletely specified partition bound for a DATE column"
*Cause: An attempt was made to use a date expression whose format
does not fully (i.e. day, month, and year (including century))
specify a date as a partition bound for a DATE column.
The format may have been specified explicitly (using
TO_DATE() function) or implicitly (NLS_DATE_FORMAT).
*Action: Ensure that date format used in a partition bound for a
DATE column supports complete specification of a date
(i.e. day, month, and year (including century)).
If NLS_DATE_FORMAT does not support complete
(i.e. including the century) specification of the year,
use TO_DATE() (e.g. TO_DATE('01-01-1999', 'MM-DD-YYYY')
to fully express the desired date.

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