Oracle : Ошибка ORA-14523

"Cannot co-locate [sub]partition of %s %s with table [sub]partition because %s block size [%s] does not match table block size [%s]"
*Cause: A DDL statement was issued that would require
a partition/subpartition of a local index/LOB column to
be co-located with the corresponding partition/subpartition
of the base table. However, this is not possible because
the block sizes of the table and the LOB column/local
index are different.
*Action: Either
(1) Specify an object-level default tablespace (or
partition-level default tablespace for the
appropriate partition, if composite partitioning is
used) for the partitioned local index/LOB column
and then retry the DDL command, OR
(2) Ensure that tablespaces of the correct block size are
specified for all new partitions/subpartitions being
Also ensure that neither of TABLESPACE DEFAULT and
STORE IN (DEFAULT) is specified for a local index whose
block size does not match that of the base table.

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