Oracle : Ошибка ORA-16573

"attempt to change or access configuration file for an enabled broker configuration"
*Cause: The operation was rejected because the Data Guard broker
configuration file was in use. The attempted operation
was unsafe while broker management of the configuration was
enabled. For example:
- An attempt was made to alter the DG_BROKER_CONFIG_FILE[1|2]
initialization parameters while the broker was running.
- Non-broker access (such as DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER) to the
configuration files was attempted. See the alert log for
additional information.
*Action: Disable the broker configuration and shut down the Data Guard
broker, then retry the operation. If the operation includes
altering the DG_BROKER_CONFIG_FILE[1|2] initialization parameters,
be sure that the new parameter values correctly specify the files
at their expected location before reenabling broker management of
the configuration.

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