Oracle : Ошибка ORA-16626

16626, 0000, "failed to enable specified database"
*Cause: This status was returned when attempting to enable a standby
database that:
- Could not locate itself in the broker configuration file.
- Failed to distinguish itself from two or more databases in
the configuration file.
- Determined it missed a role change within the configuration.
*Action: To correct the problem, try one of these actions:
- Confirm that the host and SID names for the database exactly
match the values in the HOST_NAME and INSTANCE_NAME columns
- Confirm that there are not two or more databases with the
same connect identifier. That is, multiple databases in the
broker configuration should not reach the same database.
- If a failover had been performed and the old primary database
has been re-created (or a standby database has been re-created),
make sure the Data Guard broker configuration files have been
removed for that database. Do NOT remove the configuration
files that are in use by the new primary database.

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