Oracle : Ошибка ORA-16660

16660, 0000, "fast-start failover operation attempted in absence of a broker configuration"
*Cause: An attempt was made to enable or disable fast-start failover when
connected to a standby database for which broker configuration
details are currently unavailable. For instance, the standby
database may currently require re-creation (or flashback
reinstantiation) before it may respond to broker client commands.
*Action: 1) An attempt to enable or disable (non-FORCE) fast-start failover
at this standby database will be rejected until such time that the
broker configuration details have been made available to that
standby database from the primary database. This normally occurs
when the standby database is successfully re-created or flashed
back, and then reenabled at the primary database.
2) Use the FORCE option to override fast-start failover that
has been enabled at the standby database even when the broker
configuration details are currently unavailable to the standby
database. In this case, this status message is only a warning.
Note that fast-start failover is not formally disabled in the
broker configuration. The effect of this command issued under these
circumstances may or may not be permanent, depending upon when
the primary and standby databases regain full communication
between each other and if the state of fast-start failover has
been altered at the primary database in the meantime.

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