Oracle : Ошибка ORA-16795

16795, 0000, "the standby database needs to be re-created"
*Cause: A switchover or failover operation caused this database to
require re-creation. The database was marked for re-creation
because it was not a viable standby database for the new primary

Until this error status is resolved for this database, information
about this database and the broker configuration to which it
belongs is unavailable to a broker client that is connected to
this database. Therefore, all commands directed by that client to
this database cannot be completed.

*Action: Re-create (or flash back) the standby database. Connect to the
primary database in the broker configuration and reenable broker
management of that database. Once enabled, it is possible
to connect to that standby database and manage it with the broker.

Alternatively, many client commands that cannot be completed at
the standby database when in this error state can be completed
successfully when issued to the primary database. In this case,
simply reconnect to the primary database and retry the command.

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