Oracle : Ошибка ORA-16827

16827, 0000, "Flashback Database is disabled"
*Cause: The broker detected that the Flashback Database feature was
disabled. With Flashback Database disabled, the broker would not
be able to:
- reinstate a database that required reinstatement.
- convert a physical standby database to a snapshot standby
- convert a snapshot standby database to a physical standby
Flashback Database may been disabled manually with the ALTER
DATABASE FLASHBACK DATABASE OFF command or automatically by the
database in the event of an error.
*Action: Check the database alert log to determine whether Flashback
Database was disabled due to errors and then correct the
problem. If Flashback Database had been manually disabled,
reenable Flashback Database with the ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK
DATABASE ON command. If, after enabling Flashback Database,
the database still cannot be reinstated or converted, you must
re-create the database from a copy of the primary database.

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