Oracle : Ошибка ORA-22927

"invalid LOB locator specified"
*Cause: There are several causes: (1) the LOB locator was never
initialized; (2) the locator is for a BFILE and the routine
expects a BLOB/CLOB/NCLOB locator; (3) the locator is for a
BLOB/CLOB/NCLOB and the routine expects a BFILE locator;
(4) trying to update the LOB in a trigger body -- LOBs in
trigger bodies are read only.
*Action: For (1), initialize the LOB locator by selecting into the locator
variable or by setting the LOB locator to empty. For (2) and (3),
pass the correct type of locator into the routine. For (4),
remove the trigger body code that updates the LOB value.

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