Oracle : Ошибка ORA-26076

26076, 0000, "cannot set or reset value after direct path structure is allocated"
* Cause: Client attempted to set or reset the number of rows in a direct path
* structure after it has already been allocated and initialized.
* Attributes used is one of the following:
* - OCI_ATTR_NUM_ROWS: to set # of rows in a direct path column array
* - OCI_ATTR_DIRPATH_DCACHE_SIZE: to set size of a date cache
* (default is 0)
* - OCI_ATTR_DIRPATH_DCACHE_DISABLE: to set whether date cache will be
* disabled on overflow (default is FALSE)
* Action: Set the following attributes before:
* - OCI_ATTR_NUM_ROWS: before calling OCIHandleAlloc for column array
* - OCI_ATTR_DIRPATH_DCACHE_SIZE: before calling OCIDirPathPrepare
* - OCI_ATTR_DIRPATH_DCACHE_DISABLE: before calling OCIDirPathPrepare

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