Oracle : Ошибка ORA-26744

"%s capture process \"%s\" does not support \"%s\".\"%s\" because of the following reason: %s"
*Cause: GoldenGate, XStream or Streams capture encountered a table with an unsupported
property. The most common reason is an unsupported column
data type.
*Action: Revise the Capture rules to skip over the table in
question. One way might be to add a negative rule
excluding changes from the unsupported table from being

Also query the DBA_STREAMS_UNSUPPORTED view to determine
which tables are not supported by GoldenGate, XStream or Streams and for what
reason. Consider adding negative rules for any tables
that may be captured, but are present in this view.

For potential workarounds to certain unsupported properties, see

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