Oracle : Ошибка ORA-28527

"Heterogeneous Services datatype mapping error"
*Cause: Either an Oracle datatype could not be mapped to a non-Oracle
datatype, or a non-Oracle datatype could not be mapped
to an Oracle datatype. These mappings are defined as
capability definitions in the ORACLE server's data dictionary.
*Action: Verify that the ORACLE server's data dictionary has been
initialized with correct capability definitions for the connected
FDS_CLASS_NAME and FDS_INST_NAME. If table contents are incorrect,
a DBA should restore all data dictionary content for this
FDS_CLASS_NAME and/or FDS_INST_NAME. It usually is sufficient
to delete all current data dictionary content for this class and/or
instance and initiate a new connection to let the connected agent
upload new data dictionary content to the server. If the error
persists contact the customer support representative of the agent

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