Oracle : Ошибка ORA-28534

"Heterogeneous Services preprocessing error"
*Cause: One of the things that the Heterogeneous Services can do is
to preprocess parts of SQL statements that contain implicit
coercions or calls to explicit coercion functions like TO_CHAR
TO_NUMBER or TO_DATE. For example, it could convert a call to
TO_DATE to a bind variable, pre-evaluate the TO_DATE function
call and pass the resulting value to the non-Oracle system as
the bind value. This behavior is controlled by some coercion
related capabilities. If the capabilities are set incorrectly,
the HS could encounter errors when it attempts to do the
preprocessing. If it does then this error will be signaled.
*Action: The capability table settings are controlled by the agent
vendor and can be modified by the DBA. Contact your DBA and
agent vendor and get the correct set of capabilities installed.

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