Oracle : Ошибка ORA-33425

"(EIFMAKEF15) CAUTION: Exporting NTEXT objects using %s for the EIF file character set can cause loss of data. To preserve all NTEXT data, export using the UTF8 character set for the EIF file."
*Cause: The user exported an object with data type NTEXT, but the EIF file that
will result from the EXPORT command is not written in Unicode. Because no
non-Unicode file can represent all possible Unicode data, it is possible
that some data will be lost when converting from the Unicode NTEXT object
to the EIF file. The EIF file will be written in the character set
indicated by the "nls_charset" argument of the EXPORT command, or, if
no such argument is present, in the database character set.
*Action: If the user is certain that the contents of the NTEXT object can
be represented in the specified character set, then no action is necessary.
Otherwise, the user can add "nls_charset 'UTF8'" to the EXPORT command
string. This will result in the EIF file being written in UTF8 Unicode,
which can represent all the data contained in NTEXT objects.

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