Oracle : Ошибка ORA-33557

"(MAINTCHK01) %a %s %j\nYou cannot %1p values of dimension %2p during a loop over it."
*Cause: User tried to insert or delete a value of the specified dimension
while some loop over that dimension was active. The loop could
be an explicit FOR or ACROSS loop, or a natural expression
evaluation or OLAP_TABLE loop. Also, it could be a loop over the
dimension itself or over a derived dimension (like a composite
or partition template) or dimension alias that includes it. The
insert or delete could be explicitly caused by the MAINTAIN
command. It is also possible that the user attempted to assign
a value to a variable or partition dimensioned by a composite
during a loop over that composite using a qualified data
reference (QDR), and that the exception was generated by the
engine's attempt to insert a new position in the composite to
hold the new value.
*Action: Move the dimension maintenance or QDR-based variable assignment
outside the dimension loop.

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