Oracle : Ошибка ORA-36260

"(XSAGHIERPART00) %a %J %J %j\nAggregating from partition %1p to partition %2p over hierarchy %3p creates an increase in sparsity."
*Cause: In the partition creation / aggmap creation a situation developed
such that when aggregating over a particular dimension of the aggmap
a partition boundary was crossed such that the sparsity of the target
partition included dimensions that were not in the sparsity of the
source partition. Since the process of aggregation always densifies
rather than sparsifying this is an extremely suboptimal design and
it is not supported by the aggregate system.
Set up your partitioning such that for any partition boundary the
source and target partitions of the aggregation will always move
towards denser partitions. For any child (c) and any parent (p)
where (c) and (p) are in different partitions it must be the case
that the parent partition contains no dimension in the composite
that the child partition does not contain in its composite.

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