27.04.2018 10:19
EditThisCookie -

★ Редактирование файлов cookie
★ Удаление файлов cookie
★ Добавление новых файлов cookie
★ Создание файлов cookie
★ Поиск файлов cookie
★ Защита файлов cookie (только чтение)
★ Блокировка файлов cookie (фильтр)
★ Экспорт файлов cookie в формат JSON, Netscape (идеально для wget и curl), Perl::LPW
★ Импорт файлов cookie в формате JSON
★ Ограничение максимального срока действия любых файлов cookie
★ Улучшение производительности, удаление устаревших файлов cookie
★ Импорт cookies.txt
27.04.2018 10:21
Vulners Web Scanner

Tiny vulnerability scanner based on vulners.com vulnerability database.
It provides you ability to passively scan websites that you surf, on known vulnerabilities.
27.04.2018 10:22

Google Hack Data Base - application to work with GHDB. Choose a category and click on the necessary query. To find description vulnerability, click "Search on www.exploit-db.com". Application provides possibility to search vulnerabilities on the specified site. Just click on the search button and enter the site name. This application allows a better understanding of the basis web security.
27.04.2018 10:24
Request Maker

Request Maker is a tool for penetration testing. With it you can easily capture requests made by web pages, tamper with the URL, headers and POST data and, of course, make new requests. Request Maker only captures requests sent via HTML forms and XMLHttpRequests; it doesn't fill the log with useless information about images and style sheets. The logs are tab-specific, displayed in the page action popup, and the requests are bookmarkable. After sending a request you can just click on the bookmark button like you would on any other page.
27.04.2018 10:25
Form Fuzzer

utility I created to assist in populating web forms with some random data.
27.04.2018 10:34

Wappalyzer is a browser extension that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools and many more.
27.04.2018 10:35
Server Details

Server Details uses the information provided by a web page's HTTP headers to show what software is running the web server it is on.
27.04.2018 10:39
HPP Finder

HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP) is a recently discovered web exploitation technique. Please read the NDSS 2010 paper for more details about the technique. HPP Finder is a Chrome extension designed for detecting HPP attempts. HPP Finder can detect URLs and HTML forms that might be susceptible of parameter pollution, but it is not a complete solution against HPP.
15.09.2018 12:40

Интересная штука. Позволяет лимитировать количество закладок. Типа если открывает 100 и все в свопе, то это расширение старые и забытые будет закрывать :)

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