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Владимир весы
Здравствуйте, может кто знает калибровку или сервис мануал есть
19.03.2019 17:23
1> In the standby state, please use the screwdriver on the left side of the panel to use the screwdriver to “up”.

2> Press the "MODE" button.

3> Press the "TARE RESET" button to find the "CAL" and press the "ZERO" button to enter the calibration state.

4> In this state, the display flashes "d=1" to indicate a scale, set the minimum scale of your range, press the "ZERO" button.

5> In this state, "cAP" is displayed to indicate the maximum range, and then press the "ZERO" button.

6> Enter the maximum range, (Note: Please note that this weighing instrument can resolve to 1/50,000th.) After inputting the maximum range, press the “ZERO” button.

7> In this state, the flashing "cAL1" indicates that the two-point calibration is started, and then the "ZERO" button is pressed.

8> In this state, the flashing "ZEro" indicates that the zero point is correct. Please remove all the load on the weighing platform first, and confirm that there is nothing on the weighing platform, then press the "ZERO" button.

9> The weighing instrument displays flashing “0” and the LED with ZERO is on. If the “ZERO” button is pressed, the weighing instrument display flashes “0” to complete the zero calibration, and then press the “ZERO” button.

10> In this state, the flashing "ZEro" is displayed again. At this time, press the "TARE RESET" button, the display flashes "SPAn" to start the physical correction, and then press the "ZERO" button.

11> In this state, the flashing "0" is displayed again and the LED with ZERO is lit, (Note: Please prepare a standard weight of sufficient kilograms) and then put these standard weights. The number displayed here is not necessarily Is correct, then press the "ZERO" button.

12> In this state, the weighing instrument will display “000000”. You can use the “UNIT left button or “TARE RESET” button or the “TARE down button” to enter the correct weight on the weighing platform, but you must wait If the LED unstable indicator written with MD is off, you can press the “ZERO” button. At this point, you have completed the correction of the object. (Note: The standard weight of the calibration is the number of kilograms, which must be the same as the Load Cell on the machine. The numbers are similar, avoiding the correction curve offset)

13> Press the “ZERO” button and you will return to the “SPAn” flashing code. At this point, you can remove all the weights on the weighing platform.

14> Press the second “MODE” button to return to the weighing screen.

15> Finally, remember to use the screwdriver on the left side of the panel to toggle "down".

16> Attach a simple calibration demonstration video for your reference.

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Владимир весы, напишите серийный номер индикатора для фидбэка.

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